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Gwen Hampton, Morrin School Trustee - Prairie Land Public School Division

Morrin School has been providing education for the students in the communities of Morrin, Munson, Rumsey & Rowley for many years. Over the years, it has been sad for many to see the rural country schools close, followed by the schools in Munson, Rumsey & Rowley. Morrin is now the centre for education for all our communities.

There are many proud alumni from Morrin School. My family is one great example. My Mom graduated from Morrin School in 1959. My brother and I attended Morrin School and I graduated in 1982. My children graduated in 2005, 2015 & 2017. So, it goes without saying that I am a proud supporter of Morrin School.

Now I continue that support as Trustee for Morrin School. My main motivation for putting my name forward for the position of Trustee was to protect and promote Morrin School and ensure its viability well into the future. I wanted to take my pride and belief in our school to Prairie Land, as a voice for our school.

In my role as trustee for Prairie Land Public School Division, I came to learn that our school building was in much need of repair & modernization and I was very happy that the division had submitted it to the Government as their number one priority for modernization within Prairie Land.

After reviewing structural engineering reports and inspecting the property, the Government of Alberta determined that a full rebuild would be done, due to the high cost to repair the existing building.

To my surprise & delight, in October the Government of Alberta announced that the Morrin School was to be totally rebuilt.

So here we are. Our communities have been given a once-in-our-lifetime chance to help build & design our new school. I can’t wait for the design process to begin!

It came as no surprise to me that a group of parents, teachers, staff & community members quickly came together to mount a fundraising campaign to make enhancements to the school being provided by the Government.

The Friends of Morrin School are on a mission! They see that there is only one chance to make the new Morrin School building the best it can be and are not going to let this opportunity pass by. Even now, with the huge challenges facing them in their campaign, due to the Covid19 pandemic, they are working even harder, and they are putting their hearts & time into their fundraising campaign.

Times are tough, money is tight, and the economy is in free-fall in Alberta right now. But right now, is when the Government is rebuilding Morrin School.

This is a long-term investment in the future of Morrin School and all of our communities. One chance to do it right.

So I ask you, as community members, alumni, business owners, and municipal governments, to support this campaign by The Friends of Morrin School Council. It will be your legacy.


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